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Vickers Security Service Limited is a private liability company duly incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act under the laws of Kenya in the year 2000. We are one of the leading regional security services providers, and have over time delivered highly trained security personnel to private and commercial enterprises, the banking sector, residential estates, Government institutions, Non-Governmental institutions (NGOs), shopping malls, and other vital institutions, locally and overseas.

Company Goals

• Job creation and poverty reduction through the provision of employment to eligible persons of different professions within the country and internationally.

• Availing tightly trained and disciplined security personnel capable of securing clients’ lives and property professionally at all times and in any given environment.

• Maintaining well-vetted and ready security personnel databases for deployment at short notice anywhere globally.

• To be a leading security services provider in the region with accountability and integrity.

VSS Personnel

Vickers Security has over 1,200 guardsmen/women deployed actively on local and international projects, with a poll of over 1,000 ex-military and policemen ready for rapid deployment on short notice.


VSS boasts of a pool of professionals who have expertise in their respective areas of training as well as a wealth of experience in commercial security that has been gained after several years of work. Some are ex-servicemen to have had distinguished careers in the armed forces of this country. Together with the able leaders of the Directors, their combined efforts in what makes VSS a security solutions provider of choice.