Company History

Vickers Security Services Ltd is a registered security firm and operates within the Government
Legislated Security Policies within the Republic of Kenya. It's a tax compliant Security firm. The company was incorporated in 2000 as a limited Liability Company. The head office is situated in Nairobi. More ventures are now carried out in other major towns with a view to giving the Company a national outlook. Our Motto is Reliable and Uncompromised Security Services provision.
LOGO - Our Identity explained.
VICKERS - The word VICKERS is derived from the gae old battled hardened Military Tanks of the British Army. That TANK is hardened and can withstand any terrain. Our Guards are likewise hardened and can venture into harsh terrains. We can be found in extremely remote locations where others cant dare.
     THE CAMEL - The Camel is one of the planet's animals which has the most endurance in terms of feeding and drinking water. The Camel can go for two months without water and endure the harsh conditions of the environment. Our Gaurds equally have the endurance to stay long in assignments. We have what it takes to get you Guards who can endure harsh and austere environments.


For further information about our services, or if you would like one of our professionals to contact you, please contact us on 020-2309250