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Consultancy Profile

Threats to security of human life and property are evolving day by day. Putting credible counter measures to both conventional and non-conventional risks will no doubt reduce the overall risks emanating from such threats. While its not possible to eliminate threats completely, the risks can be reduced.
Vickers Consultancy portfolio has a pool of talented and well experienced security experts who are on hand to advice clients on how to mitigate the various threats to security within the society. Our approach is tailor made solutions for every security problem.

Consultancy Services

The Consultancy services that our pool of experts provide include:

  1. Institutional/organizational risk security management
  2. Security surveys
  3. Security Awareness, Security Alerts and Security Training
  4. Disaster and Crisis Management
  5. Counter Terrorism  measures

The overall aim of Vickers Consultancy is to provide the much needed advisory security solutions so as to minimise loss.

For further details and personalized solutions, please drop a line to info@vickersecurity.com   and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.


‘’ Security is everyone’s responsibility – Play your part by becoming well informed in your surroundings