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We carry out site visits prior to service commencement and then draw proposals on how effectively to deploy and carry out the services. The site security survey will recommend the number of guards to be deployed, the security apparatus needs to be in place to enhance security at the premises and make recomendations for necessary security adjustments.

On award of contract, we shall proceed to commence duty with regard to the size of the assignment and surroundings vis a vis the number of guards approved by the client.

Our staff are hands on to conduct a smooth take over from the outgoing service provider, if any.

We do issue guarding instructionsspecific to the premises in consultation with the clients to our guards. Each guard will have a copyof those instructions for reference. We also provide a checklist to the guards.

We shall provide technical proposals to the client reguarding proper management of the property for optimium-security.

Occurence books will be provided by us where necessary and will be reviewed regularly by the management.



The company security programmes are based on training needs which are assessed through our continuous links with the partners in security industry. The programmes are developed in consultation with the clients are working professionals in the industry to ensure their relevance to security, commercial and public sector.

As we remain at the fore front in offering security, the company will always strive to dedicate itself to the advancement of professional security managenment knowledge.

We remain vigilant ever!